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I am currently a research engineer at LaBRI, University of Bordeaux

My curriculum vitae, or a longer version with article summaries.


A superpolynomial lower bound for the size of non-deterministic complement of an unambiguous automaton. (to appear in proceedings of ICALP'2018)
M. Raskin, M. Simkin. Oblivious RAM with Small Storage Overhead. (preprint available)
K. Arnsfelt, M. Raskin. A two-player stay-in-a-set game with perfect information and without Nash equilibria. (in preparation for publication)
A linear lower bound for incrementing a space-optimal integer representation in the bit-probe model. International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming 2017, Warsaw, Poland
Writing a best-effort portable code walker in Common Lisp. European Lisp Symposium 2017, Brussels, Belgium.
Ivan Damgård, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Antigoni Polychroniadou, Michael Raskin. On the Communication Required for Unconditionally Secure Multiplication. Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO Proceedings 2016, part 2, pp. 459--488.
Paradox of choice in social network games with product choice. (joint work with Nikita Nikitenkov) Game theory society congress 2016, Maastrich, Netherlands.
Accessing local variables during debugging. (joint work with Nikita Mamardashvili) European Lisp Symposium 2016, Krakow, Poland.
K. Chatterjee, M. Henzinger, S. Krinninger, V. Loitzenbauer, M. Raskin. Approximating the minimum cycle mean. Theoretical Computer Science, 2014, vol. 547, pp. 104--116
Computable measures that are couplable but not computably couplable. International Conference on Computability, Complexity and Randomness 2013, Moscow, Russia.
Data-transformer: an example of data-centered tool set. European Lisp Symposium 2013, Madrid, Spain.
M. Raskin. Toom's Partial Order Is Transitive. Problems of Information Transmission, 2012, vol. 48, N2, pp.154--172
M. Raskin. Lower Estimate of the Regulator of the Direct Product of almost Periodic and Periodic Sequences. Vestnik Mosckovskogo Universiteta (MSU Bulletin), Series 1, Mathematics. Mechanics. 2011, v. 6
M. Raskin. Coupling of computable measures coordinated with an order relation is not always computable. Vestnik Mosckovskogo Universiteta (MSU Bulletin). Series 1. Mathematics. Mechanics. 2012, v. 2
Almost periodicity and finite automata (joint work with Yu. Pritykin). Workshop on Infinite Words, Automata and Dynamics 2007, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
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