Arseniy Akopyan's homepage
Contact Info:
I've defended my Ph.D in 2010 at Yaroslavl State University.
My adviser was Vladimir Dolnikov.
Now, I am working at IST Austria in group of Herbert Edelsbrunner.

I work in convex and discrete geometry. My research interests are mainly related to the covering and cutting question, Helly-type theorems and theory of polytopes.

One of my hobbies is classical geometry. I am editor of the Journal of Classical Geometry. We are waiting for your articles!

My papers and books.

Collection of T-shirts with mathematical figures.

I like to make problems for mathematical olympiads. Here you can find some of them (In Russian).

Other Projects:
Here you can download my collection of METAPOST macros. Documentation: English, Russian.

A. V. Akopyan, J. Crowder, H. Edelsbrunner, R. Guseinov,
Hexagonal tiling of the two-dimensional sphere.
Interactive model