Summer Combinatorics

Dedicated to 75th birthday of Jack Edmonds

Friday, July 10, 2009

at the Laboratoire CNRS J.-V. Poncelet and the Independent University of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Gleb Koshevoy (CEMI RAS and CNRS, Poncelet)


10:30 Vladimir Gurvich (Rutgers University)
On Sperner and Scarf Oiks

11:10 Kathie Cameron (University Paris 6 and Wilfrid Laurier University)
Exchange Graphs

11:50 Jack Edmonds (University Paris 6)
Branching Systems and Matroids

12:30 Coffee Break

12:45 Grigory Kabatianski (IITP RAS and Poncelet)
Matroids and Generalized Ideal Secrect Sharing Schemes

13:25 Gleb Koshevoy (CEMI RAS and Poncelet)
Young Tableaux and Polymatroids

14:05 Sergei Tarasov (CC RAS)
On the complexity of the exact SDP

15:00 Lunch