Workshop on combinatorics, physics and mathematics

Monday, June 22 - Saturday, June 27, 2009

at the Laboratoire CNRS J.-V. Poncelet and the Independent University of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Gleb Koshevoy (CEMI RAS and CNRS, Poncelet) and Jean-Christophe Novelli (CNRS Insitute Gaspard Monge )

This workshop benefits from the support of the ANR project ANR-06-BLAN-0380 and the EADS Foundation Chair in mathematics


Burman, Yurii (HSE)
Chapoton, Frederic (Institut Camille Jordan)
Danilov, Vladimir (CEMI RAS)
Karzanov, Alexander (ISA RAS)
Koshevoy, Gleb (CEMI RAS and Poncelet)
Mironov, Denis (Poncelet)
Oshanin, Gleb (Paris 6 and Poncelet )
Neretin, Yurii (ITEP and Moscow University)
Novelly, Jean-Christophe (IGM)
Patras Frederic (Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonne)
Smirnov, Evgeny (Hausdorff Center, Bonn and Poncelet)
Sossinsky, Alexey (Poncelet)
Thibon, Jean-Yves (IGM)



June 23

11:00 Frederic Chapoton, "Combinatorics of shrubs"

12:00 A.B.Sossinsky , The kinematics of mechanical linkages with singular moduli spaces

13:00 Evgeny Smirnov , Schubert decomposition for double Grassmannians and a partial order on involutive permutations

14:30 Lunch

16:00 Discussions

June 24

10:00 Gleb Oshanin, Random patterns generated by random permutations of natural numbers

11:00 Jean-Christophe Novelli, New applications of combinatorial Hopf algebras

12:00 Coffee break

12:10 Jean-Yves Thibon, Tree expanded series in some combinatorial Hopf algebras

13:10 Gleb Koshevoy, Tropical Plucker functions, their bases and MV-polytopes

14:30 Lunch

16:00 Discussions

June 25

Free day

June 26

10:00 Frederic Patras, One-particle irreducibility with initial correlations

11:00 Vladimir Danilov, Wirings, weakly separated set-systems, and the Leclerc-Zelevinsky conjectures

12:00 Coffee break

12:10 Yurii Burman TBA

13:10 Denis Mironov, Seperation index of root systems

14:30 Lunch

16:00 Discussions

June 27

10:30 Alexander Karzanov, Plucker environments and generalized tilings of subsets of 2n-gones

11:30 Yurii Neretin, "Point configurations on 3-dimensional sphere and outer automorphisms of free groups"

12:30 Coffee break

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