Stochastic Processes in Physics and Biology

Franco-Russian Workshop

August 17–19 2009, Moscow, Russia

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Laboratoire J.-V. Poncelet
(Independent University of Moscow / UMI 2615 CNRS)


A. Rybko (IITP Russia) and G. Oshanin (LPTMC France / Labo Poncelet Russia)

Advisory Board

Confirmed speakers

V. Avetisov, M. Blank, L. Cugliandolo, D. Dean, B. Gurevich, V. Hakim, M. Kleptsyna, A. Komech, P. Krapivsky, A. Leonidov, V. Malyshev, K. Mallick, S. Nechaev, V. Oseledets, S. Pirogov, A. Rosso, Ya. Sinai, S. Shlosman, G. Schehr, M. Tamm, E. Trizac, M. Vergassola, A. Vladimirov.


A program in PDF is available here.

Supporting organizations

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  of EADS found. RFBR logo logo of Dynasty found. CNRS logo MCCME logo

This meeting benefitted from the support of EADS Foundation Chair in mathematics, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Dmitry Zimin Dynasty foundation, and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.