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Classical groups seen from infinity: Celebrating Grigori Olshanski's 60th birthday


Thursday August 13 Friday August 14
10.45–11.00 Opening remarks
11.00–12.15   A. Kirillov 11.00–12.15   I. Krichever
12.15–12.45 Coffee break 12.15–12.45 Coffee break
12.45–14.00   A. Vershik 12.45–14.00   A. Okounkov
14.00–15.30 Lunch 14.00–15.30 Lunch
15.30–16.45   Yu. Neretin 15.30–16.45   S. Smirnov
16.45–17.15 Coffee break 16.45–17.15 Coffee break
17.15–18.30   M. Nazarov 17.15–18.30   A. Borodin
19.00 Conference dinner



The meeting will take place in Moscow, on August 13–14, 2009, at the premises of the A. A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems. See access map here.

Your local contacts are Dr Andrei Sobolevski (, Skype name andrei.sobolevskii) and Ms Liza Kryukova (

Supporting organizations

A. A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems The Russian Foundation for Basic Research EADS Foundation Laboratoire
J.-V. Poncelet

This meeting benefited from the support of “EADS Foundation Chair in mathematics.”

Registration form

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I will attend the first day (Thursday August 13).

I will attend the second day (Friday August 14).

I will attend the conference dinner on the night of Thursday August 13 together with accompanying person(s).

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