Special Year in Multiscale Mathematical Modeling in Biology and Medicine

The multiscale analysis of heterogeneous structures is actually an important and effective tool of mathematical modeling in physics, technique and biology. The mathematical theory on the up-scaling (passage from micro-scale to the macro-scale) called homogenization appeared in early seventies of the XXth century independently in the USSR, France, Italy and USA. Although since then the homogenization theory has been considerably developed and generalized, there are still open problems in constructing realistic models of biological processes, especially combining different scales or discrete and continuous approaches.

The special year will extend the existing cooperation between French and Russian researchers in the multiscale analysis and in mathematical modeling in hemodynamics, taking into consideration the mass transport, coagulation, fluid-structure interaction and other aspects. Structured around the laboratory J.-V.Poncelet, this collaboration will include Institute Camille Jordan UMR CNRS nº5208 (Lyon-St-Etienne), Laboratory J.-L.Lions UMR CNRS nº7598 (Paris-6), Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Independent University, National Center for Theoretical Problems in Physico-Chemical Pharmacology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Numerical Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Power Energy Institute (Technical University) and other universities.

ORGANISER : Grigory PANASENKO, Laboratory J.-V.Poncelet UMI CNRS nº2615

Sponsors: CNRS, French Embassy, MENESR, RFBR, IUM