Conference "Global fields"

September 2 - 6, 2013

Moscow, Russia



Marc Hindry (University of Paris 7, Laboratoire Poncelet)

Philippe Lebacque (University of Besançon)

Alena Pirutka (University of Strasbourg)

Michael A. Tsfasman (Laboratoire Poncelet, Institute for Information Transmission Problems)

Alexey Zykin (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Laboratoire Poncelet, IITP)

Conference Programme

General Information

The programme of the conference can be found here

The list of participants includes:

Stéphane Ballet (Marseille)
Fedor Bogomolov (Moscou, New York)
Florian Breuer (Stellenbosch)
Alberto Camara (Barcelone, Besançon)
Julie Desjardins (Paris)
Cyril Demarche (Paris)
Daniel Fiorilli (Ann Arbor)
Aurélien Galateau (Besançon)
Thomas Geisser (Nagoya)
Sudhir Ghorpade (Bombay)
Vasily Golyshev (Moscou)

Sergey Gorchinsky (Moscou)
Valery Gritsenko (Lille)
Boris Kunyavskii (Bar-Ilan)
Fransesco Lemma (Paris)
Thomas Olliver (Nottingham)
Vésale Nicolas (Heidelberg)
Marc Perret (Toulouse)
Vincent Rivasseau (Orsay)
Sergey Rybakov (Moscou)
Alexei Skorobogatov (London)

The aim of this conference is to bring together the researchers working in different domains related to the study of global fields.

The study of global fields and varieties over them has been a central theme of research for more than a century. It involves many research areas in number theory, arithmetic algebraic geometry and diophantine geometry.

The main topics on which we will focus include:

  • rational and integral points (for varieties over global fields), various obstructions to the local-global principle;
  • heights and Arakelov Geometry;
  • elliptic curves over global fields, zeta and L-functions.
  • interaction with information theory.

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