Moscow Mathematical Conference of High School Students МЦНМО

Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education,
Moscow City Department of Education,
Center for Pedagogical Excellence of Moscow
Steklov Mathematical Institute,
Lomonosov Moscow State University,
Moscow Mathematical Society,
Higher School of Economics,
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

The conference is focused on development of creativity of high-school students in the area of mathematics. Thus for a small number of students who already achieved the appropriate level, the conference is an introduction into scientific research activity. This conference includes a contest of submitted papers. We hope the Conference would be interesting for high school students and their teachers. You are welcomed! The reports are given both by students and active mathematicians (not only from Moscow). Students report their results, while the mathematicians suggest problems for future work.
The conference is a rather lively action. The results of the reports are either thoroughly checked or explicitly called conjectures. The reports are understandable to high school students and their teachers. Even complicated reports contain bright results and ideas accessible for our audience. Participants make important comments and ask interesting questions. Video of the reports is available (the reports are usually made in Russian).
How is this achieved? Before the session every submitted paper goes through peer review. Students improve their papers, possibly using consultations (consultants usually do not become coadvisors.) Versions of every submitted paper, as well as anonymous referee reports, are publicly available at the site of the conference. This ensures that the authors, referees and the program committee work in a responsible way. This also provides examples illustrating the important, interesting and hard work of writing a research paper intended for a user, not only for a developer. For a student enthusiastic about mathematics this work is both interesting in itself and is rewarded by attention to his/her result, and by an award of the conference.

The chairman of the jury and the program committee is academician of RAS D.V. Treshchev.
The program committee: D.V. Treshchev, A.B. Skopenkov, I.V.Yashchenko, A.A. Zaslavsky.
The jury consists of the program committee, permanent jury members (F.K.Nilov, A.A. Privalov, D.V. Prokopenko, A.M. Raigorodsky, A.I. Sgibnev) and the advisors of students' reports.
The organizing committee: B.R. Frenkin, I.V. Yashchenko.

Russian version

Works of students (partly in English)

Reports to the works of students (partly in English)

Mathematicians suggest problems (partly in English)