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Affine Lie algebras in two-dimensional physics


e-mail: ababich AT mccme.ru

Time and Location: Wednesday, 19.10, room 309.

Description of the Course

Starting from brief description of facts about Affine Lie algebras, their Dynkin (Kac) classification and classification of their representations, we will come to Wess Zumino Witten (WZW) theories, other Conformal Field Theories (CFT) and their representations.

The goal is to prepare a basis for the next seminar about the Integrable deformations of CFT based on Affine Lie algebras and some Quantum Groups related subjects of this story.

The material may happen to be related to the Course of A.Belavin, but there will be no explicit dependence on or reference to it.

The expected basis: a knowledge of the theory of simple Lie algebras and their reps will be useful, but not necessarily needed.

WARNING: the Cource will be presented in a description like style usual in physical literature.

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