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Program PARI/GP

PARI/GP, a program for solving various mathematical problems, such as is now available on

To run PARI/GP, use the command gp (you should be logged in at You will see a command prompt beginning with a question mark; you can issue any PARI/GP command in the command line. E.g., if you input a question mark (one more), you will see a brief list of topics for which you can get help. If you input two question marks, you will see the file /usr/local/lib/pari/doc/users.dvi, which is a very detailed (more than 200 pages) manual; note that it is impossible to read it from the console: you need some window manager to do it.

Feel free to send questions and comments concerning this program to Volodya Dotsenko <dotsenko (at)>.

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