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How to connect to MCCME local network

Q. May I connect my laptop (PDA) to MCCME local network?

A. Yes. There are sockets in the room 306 and in the corridor of the 2nd floor. If you are going to use our network several times, please write a letter to the system administrator (Sergey Dubov, <dubov (at)>). Please mention your name, your login name on (if any), the version of the operating system you are using, and the MAC address of the network card.

Q. How can I find out my MAC address?

A. There are several programs: ifconfig, ipconfig, dmesg, winipcfg (depending on your OS). Run the appropriate program and you will see the MAC address in its output.

Q. What settings should I use (IP address, network mask, gateway)?

A. The settings are transfered automatically using DHCP. Switch on automatic receiving of the network settings or launch a DHCP client. In the settings of your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Lynx, \ldots), you should indicate as a proxy server, port 3128 (for HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols).

Q. Why are the network services so slow?

A. MCCME pays for the incoming traffic, so the transmission rate for every computer connected to the network is restricted.

Q. May I connect my computer to the network using 802.11 protocol?

A. If you want to use 802.11 protocol, you should talk with Ivan Yaschenko, or Viktor Furin, or Vitaly Arnold.

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